Dear Friends,

 You are cordially invited to AGM of the Hindi Association of NSW.

 When: 12 noon to 1 pm, Sunday, 17th December 2017.

 Where: Pemulwuy Youth Centre, 1 Newport St, Pemulwuy NSW 2145.

 On the per-capita basis, Italian community language is funded 25 times more than all Indian community languages, under the K-6 Community Language Programme of NSW. Similarly, Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin and Arabic receive 7 to 11 times more per-capita funding than Hindi. It is due to the efforts of Hindi Committee (Tara Chand Sharma and Late Kamlesh Chaudhary) and the goodwill of some of NSW DET School Principals that Hindi was at least being taught in at least 4 schools in NSW in 2016.  In the same year Mandarin and Arabic was taught in 52 and 53 schools respectively. Bengali population is not even one third of Hindi in NSW public Schools, but Bangla was taught in 4 schools too, thanks to Bangladeshi background people being more aware of their democratic rights in NSW.

 Australia is a beautiful county but we have failed to use the opportunities like other communities living here. Let’s work together to get equal rights for our children and for our heritage. Please find below objectives of the Association and the data relating to Community Language funding in the attached documents. 

Membership of the Association is open to all Hindi teachers and volunteers at Hindi Schools. We welcome all Indian background teachers who currently teach in NSW schools and people who want to become Hindi teachers in the future. Any individual who wants to actively help us in their individual capacity (like Tarachand Ji and Kamlesh Ji) are welcome to our meetings and apply for our Association’s membership.

 Please understand that NSW government spends from $ 1000 to $1500 per child per year to teach 2 hours per week of community language in different schools. However, it cost only $200 per child per year to teach 2 hours per week of Maths. Australian and NSW Governments considers every child's community language very precious and has given enough provisions and facilities to all communities. We need to get together to claim our due share like every other community in NSW.

Hope to see you at the meeting,


Founder member and Public Officer

Hindi Association of NSW.