We work towards helping children establish effective links with their community and develop a deeper understanding of their heritage
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You, and your family and friends are cordially invited to our upcoming Garba Night and Diwali Mela and Cultural evening. 

Diwali Mela and Cultural Evening is 4th November 2023

Where: St George Girls High School Kogarah

Our motto: Successful and responsible children maintaining effective links with their family and community
Our philosophy: Preserving and promoting cultural heritage and maintaining effective community links are necessary for individual well-being

Children will  be assisted and advised with normal academic and co-curricular needs. 

SAAA Hindi School Kogarah has been established in response to the needs of first and second generation migrants residing in and around St George area in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Similarly Indian School Parramatta is being established in response to similar needs in Western Suburbs in Sydney, Australia. Children of first generation migrants growing up in Australia are usually able to speak and communicate in their parent’s first language in their early years before commencing primary school. 
We are currently teaching Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Telugu. However, with continuing formal school education in Australian school environment, these children gradually become less confident in communicating in their first language. Furthermore, lack of structured learning of Hindi language does not provide opportunity to these children to develop or maintain their background or second language. We also teach Hindi to children from non-Hindi backgrounds.

Following classes are run on every Sunday during NSW School Term

Hindi  Classes : 10:00am - 12:00noon
Yoga (For students & Parents) : 9:30am - 10:00am
Yoga and Bollywood (For Parents) : 10:00am - 11:00am
Student dance groups : 11:30am - 12:30pm                    
For Kathak & Bharatnatyam classes contact us on  0427090724


Enrolment form need to be completed online: 
The School fee is 50 AUD per term. The fee will be 70 AUD per term for a family if there are more than one children from the same family. Fees can be paid directly through back transfer into school account. Please put your child’s name in the reference. Donations: For reference please put your name and purpose i.e. ‘Dinesh for Diwali’ or ‘Dinesh as donation’.  For any cash payment please insist on collecting a receipt.


Account Name: South Asian Australian Association Incorporated 
BSB: 012310 (ANZ Kogarah Branch) 
Acc No: 217072881 
For all bank transfers acknowledgement
will be sent through E-mail 

 ABN: 79 733223504 
Incorporation No: INC1401340 





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